New Format

One of my favorite weblogs is by the father of RSS, Dave Weiner. The format that he writes his blog in allows him to write many little entries that are fast, fun and easy to read. I, as of today, have decided that I will be adopting a similar format to what he does. This allows me to drop little notes down that are informative, and yet not too much to read. I will still write reviews and longer entries, but not as often.

Comment if you have any ideas or comments about this change. I will also be changing the theme, adding some new services and a few other things for next weeks 1 year, 1 week anniversary! Thanks to all the readers.


Spring Cleaning

As of today, I have officially started the spring cleaning for Negative Horizon. Over the next few weeks I will be cleaning up the database, cleaning up the posts and definally changing up the skin on the site.

During this time, the feed may not work, you may not see everything on the site, and you may not be able to access the archives. Please do not e-mail or comment on bugs, as I know about them. You can feel free to comment about what you think should be added, or how you like the changes.

Thanks for your consideration!

Edit (May 25, 2006) – I have changed the theme, I am currently working on changing it to fit to the site. I have a feeling that this theme may become what the site is based off of in the future. I am trying to integrate the pages and make everything very clean cut, hopefully won’t take too long.

I'm back, hiccup.

Well, it seems that my wonderful server decided to ban me because of a program that I failed to un-install from my computer. The program kept trying to log into the FTP server, and I guess a security feature is in place to stop attacks. Therefore the server blacklisted my IP address from accessing the sites.

That is why I haven’t been on my site in the last few days, mostly because I couldn’t of been. I’ve got an empty weekend ahead of me, I will be sure to make up for the posts that are missed.

By the way, the first Negative Horizon Radio Show will be in two weeks, Friday at 9pm. More details when it gets a bit closer :).

Now Offering Hosting

I decided today to offer free hosting to bloggers and other web peoples that would like a website (or a more stable host) and can’t afford one. Just click on the new hosting page and follow the directions.

I will host domains and subdomains (choice between,, for free and will offer some support with it all.