Welcome back!

Welcome back to Negative Horizon!  We are working on developing into a new network for discussion of popular news topics, technology trends and much more!  If you are interested in helping out, click the “about” page and use the contact form! Check back for more updates!


Two Years

I just would like to thank everyone who has read my blog, we just passed the two year mark. This was a big thing for me, as it is nice to see that I can keep my site going for longer than a day. Hopefully we can see the three/four/five year mark! Thank you all.


I know I always say that I will update the site, and right now with the paper phase of my senior project being do, I do not have any time to do anything. I am going to have to say now that it will be quite dead around here in December, but most certainly the site will be very active in January. The Christmas school break will allow for me to finish what I have been working on for the Negative Horizon radio network and for the site. I will be posting some blurbs about the radio network starting next week.

I will also be putting some news updates from now on, and giving some insights on my hectic life. 🙂