It is 5:15 am all is quiet, or as quiet as it ever gets, throughout the college dormitory. And then, suddenly, “THERE IS AN EMERGENCY IN THE BUILDING – PLEASE EVACUATE” that rings through the complex over and over.

Bleary eyed and fluffed haired students begin to jump out of bed making their way into the cool, crisp, air outside. Some are barefoot, some are in pajamas, some have done this too many times before and are warm. While still others teeth chatter in the cold morning air.

When the drill is over some people will go back to sleep, others will start a game of cards, still others start thinking about breakfast. This is my fire drill dorm story. Tell me a story about a fire drill you had in a dorm or otherwise? Or, just an interesting dorm story? Or, just an interesting story? 🙂 Leave some in the comments section!


Sometimes its Nice

A lot of times friends and family do things for other friends and family expecting something in return. Makes sense, right? You drive me to the doctor, I give you the gas money for the trip. You buy me dinner once, I buy you dinner the next time. Its kind of a fairness thing.

Sometimes though, people take advantage of this. Sometimes, people don’t do the “in return” part of the agreement. And think about it, once in awhile its nice just to have people do something nice without them getting anything in return.

Yeah, your friend can easily go get a doughnut himself but he’s done enough for you that bringing him one just once might not hurt.

Do something nice for someone today, without expecting anything in return at all. See how it turns out.

What do you think?


How old are you? You have to be a different age to drive, than you do to fight for your country, than you do to drink alcohol, than you do to consent to sex. Does this make any sense to you?

Should you be able to die for your country but not be able to take a drink of alcohol?

We are biological adults when we hit puberty. Does that mean that’s when we should be able to consent to sex.


This is a picture of a shirt I got at the French Quarter in New Orleans,   Louisiana. I purchased it from the huge market place there. It as an outdoor market where vendors sell everything you can possibly imagine. This is what these people do for a living day in and day out, may of them being very successful. While I enjoyed going to the market, it did make me think about our economy in this country. Can we survive forever, happily, with a market economy? Does a market economy instill the value of a dollar in this nations young people or does it promote material dependence. What do you think? Do you like the shirt? It’s very me, lol!

Those Among Us

Those among us that do what we do for the benefits of sex and politics are disgusting heathens who deserve courtesy from no one. And yet, the hope is there that these people might still be able to move beyond the darkness to which they bring all of those around them into. Let us hope that we can learn that the most important thing in this world is nothing more or less than friendship.


Sometimes, people ask a lot of questions don’t they? Who, what, where, why, when, how. It is very easy to construe this as nosiness – and a, “none of your bees wax” kind of thing. Give people the benefit of the doubt though.

People may not be prying into your personal life, they might just care about or be interested in you. Curiosity killed the cat, right? Well, maybe the cat didn’t want to die on cold concrete – maybe, just maybe, the cat wanted to learn something.

A woman named Ruth Wakefield was curious about how semi-sweet chocolate would work in a butter cookie. Because of this, we now have chocolate chip cookies (more history here). So, curiosity and interest cannot be all bad, right? Let me know what you think in the comments section. And, have some cookies and milk! 🙂

Degrees that Don’t Pay

Articles like the one here are published all the time. “The Top 10 Least Productive College Degrees” or “Degrees that Don’t Pay the Bill” have been published recently in Time and on CNN. I think this article brings up an important point though. You shouldn’t do anything in life for the money – whatever you do should be because it makes you happy.

Also, it drives me insane when journalists and others say certain degrees do not pay enough. It is only the people that get the education that get to decide what career paths will pay enough for what THEY need. We do not all need the same things.

For some reason, Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons came to mind when I wrote this blog post. I’m not sure why. Read it and see if you can tell me. 🙂