Think of all the things that have gone into and out of fashion or style in your life. These popular trends are called fads.

Here are some of the things that have gone into and out of style in my life:

Remember these? It is a Yo Yo. I distinctly remember in fourth grade people playing with these on the bus ride home from school, which now that I think about it was kind of dumb considering they would sometimes drop to the floor, haha.

Do you recall these little devils? This is a Furby. These monsters seriously took over the world and it is a wonder the human race survived! There is still one in my cousin’s attic that haunts my nightmares to this day. *runs away*

Yeah, I never quite got the thrill behind Pokemon. But, this set of cards and what not defined a generation…I guess. Everyone used to trade them and everyone knew what everything about them meant. I was clueless and still am. *bows head to greater authority*

Wrist bands like a Livestrong band is the last distinct fad that I can remember. I’m sure I’m missing a few that didn’t hit my generation quite as hard. There is a Livestrong band on my arm right now, actually. There are several other kinds of these bands. This fad is currently being replaced with silly bands.

What fads do you remember? Leave some in the comments section!



The nation’s fireflies are starting to disappear rapidly to find out why click here. It is really interesting!

A Darkening Sky

I recently had this poem published in a small community college anthology poetry collection. Enjoy!

A Darkening Sky

Once outside, the sky darkened instantly.

Large, ominous, clouds the size of stadiums – just formed,

Out of nowhere – out of nothing,

And yet, impossibly, they were everything.

Those amusement park rides that go too fast for the small child,

And swirl him into oblivion before he even knows it as reality,

Such was the twist of the most eastward cloud.

Nothing grows so much on the fuel of electrified air.

First, it was a raptly growing statue

Then a tall building of the swirling ripples

Into the largest of mountains,

That come from the sky.

But, you pulled me back

Away, away, from harm.

I never knew who you were,

Where you came from.

Are you God?

Are you man?

Are you destiny or fate?

Are you death, come to take me?

We are but a collective spec on the universal plane,

A micro liter of blood has more in it for us than we for the universe,

Vast amounts of technology, educations firm and true, lives of wonder and horror,

These things are but nothing to a darkening sky.

-David F. Dodge

Any thoughts?

Drive In!

This post was inspired by Lori Mould and a recent trip we took to the Loomis’s Delevan Drive In. The Drive In is not very popular anymore because large multiplex theaters take up most of the action. Lori and I had a great time though we saw the new Cats and Dogs 2 movie and the Tom Cruise movie Knight and Day. Both were good movies and I thought Knight and Day was very good considering I’m not much of a Tom Cruise fan.

Some benefits of the Drive In that you should think about before going to a traditional movie theater:

  • Basically, it is two movies for the price of one
  • You can bring in your own food
  • The concession stand isn’t insanely expensive like it is at the movie theater food arena
  • The great outdoors
  • You can almost always get as close as you need to be
  • No pre-ordering required for tickets