It is 5:15 am all is quiet, or as quiet as it ever gets, throughout the college dormitory. And then, suddenly, “THERE IS AN EMERGENCY IN THE BUILDING – PLEASE EVACUATE” that rings through the complex over and over.

Bleary eyed and fluffed haired students begin to jump out of bed making their way into the cool, crisp, air outside. Some are barefoot, some are in pajamas, some have done this too many times before and are warm. While still others teeth chatter in the cold morning air.

When the drill is over some people will go back to sleep, others will start a game of cards, still others start thinking about breakfast. This is my fire drill dorm story. Tell me a story about a fire drill you had in a dorm or otherwise? Or, just an interesting dorm story? Or, just an interesting story? 🙂 Leave some in the comments section!