Think of all the things that have gone into and out of fashion or style in your life. These popular trends are called fads.

Here are some of the things that have gone into and out of style in my life:

Remember these? It is a Yo Yo. I distinctly remember in fourth grade people playing with these on the bus ride home from school, which now that I think about it was kind of dumb considering they would sometimes drop to the floor, haha.

Do you recall these little devils? This is a Furby. These monsters seriously took over the world and it is a wonder the human race survived! There is still one in my cousin’s attic that haunts my nightmares to this day. *runs away*

Yeah, I never quite got the thrill behind Pokemon. But, this set of cards and what not defined a generation…I guess. Everyone used to trade them and everyone knew what everything about them meant. I was clueless and still am. *bows head to greater authority*

Wrist bands like a Livestrong band is the last distinct fad that I can remember. I’m sure I’m missing a few that didn’t hit my generation quite as hard. There is a Livestrong band on my arm right now, actually. There are several other kinds of these bands. This fad is currently being replaced with silly bands.

What fads do you remember? Leave some in the comments section!