A Darkening Sky

I recently had this poem published in a small community college anthology poetry collection. Enjoy!

A Darkening Sky

Once outside, the sky darkened instantly.

Large, ominous, clouds the size of stadiums – just formed,

Out of nowhere – out of nothing,

And yet, impossibly, they were everything.

Those amusement park rides that go too fast for the small child,

And swirl him into oblivion before he even knows it as reality,

Such was the twist of the most eastward cloud.

Nothing grows so much on the fuel of electrified air.

First, it was a raptly growing statue

Then a tall building of the swirling ripples

Into the largest of mountains,

That come from the sky.

But, you pulled me back

Away, away, from harm.

I never knew who you were,

Where you came from.

Are you God?

Are you man?

Are you destiny or fate?

Are you death, come to take me?

We are but a collective spec on the universal plane,

A micro liter of blood has more in it for us than we for the universe,

Vast amounts of technology, educations firm and true, lives of wonder and horror,

These things are but nothing to a darkening sky.

-David F. Dodge

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