Google It!

If you don’t know something what is likely to come to mind as a solution or what someone might say to you is, “Google it”. The internet can tell you almost anything and generally it is a good idea to go out there and look something up for yourself. This is especially true if the topic of interest is a specific person. Just Google the name and you will find what you need fast.

Sometimes though, it is nice to hear things from the actual person’s prospective you are talking to. For instance, if I say “what is that movie about?” and you respond “Google it”. Well, that’s not really appropriate. I wanted to hear what YOU thought of the movie and what it was about to YOU. I am well aware that I can go search Google and find what has to say on the movie. Maybe I’m interested in what you think instead of what Google thinks for once.

antidisestablishmentarianism. Google it!