Let’s define criticism as the analysis and explanation of the actions or intentions of others. We are criticized on a daily basis at work, at school, at home, by family, and by our friends. Criticism can be either positive or negative. People can either tell us that something is done well or not done right. Unfortunately, some people don’t go about criticizing others the right way.


Always positive – It sounds like it would be okay to always say positive things to people. In reality, if all you say are positive, nice, things there is nothing to improve upon. Also, if everything you say is nice people may think you are being fake and hearty when you are just trying to encourage them.

Always negative – Not saying anything unless there is something wrong, something you’d like changed, or something negative is NOT the way to go either. Basically, if you do this people are just going to think you are being nasty when really you are just trying to make improvements.


Positive First – Say something genuinely positive about what the person did and explain WHY it was good.

Negative Next – Yes, you do need negative comments too. Explain how the person can improve. Don’t do it in a harsh way just say, “I think this could be better because…”

This is called CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM. Sounds simple enough but not enough people practice it!

This is funny 🙂