Sometimes, people generalize and stereotype way too much. Even about simple, fun, things like music there are generalizations and assumptions to be made. I like the song, “Hey Soul Sister” by Train. One person said to me, “you like train? Seriously? They are awful.” Okay, first things first. Music is opinion and everyone is allowed to have his or her own opinion. But, no, I do not like Train. I like the song “Hey Soul Sister”. THIS is the generalization people make – if you like a song you automatically like the artist. This is not the case for everyone, some people just like a random song and do not particularly like an artist as a whole. Stop generalizing, stop stereotyping, and stop assuming. Please! 🙂

Now, for me, if it was a book that I liked you can pretty much guess I’ve read everything by that author and like most of it. That is how I am when it comes to books. I find a book I like and then read absolutely everything that author ever wrote. Again though, don’t assume that all people are like this. Some people only like one or two of the books that an author wrote instead of everything.

Dear Mr. Henshaw is an awesome book by Beverly Cleary. It is about a young boy who is fascinated by a certain author and gets very frustrated with the response he or lack thereof that he gets. I’ve always believed that the Hey Arnold episode, “Crabby Author” is based on this book. Watch it here! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Train

  1. Amen!
    I like lots of songs by musicians whose work i really don’t enjoy. Some i didn’t even bother to hear more than one or two songs.

    p.s: Maybe you should take that “recruiting” post always on the top of the page. For a long time i thought you hadn’t posted anything!
    If i hadn’t checked my feed-reader i probably would still be thinking that…

  2. Updated, thanks for the comment Nuno. If you ever have any ideas or anything to correspond with us about, use the contact form on the About page.

    – Anthony

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