You have probably read the book To Kill a Mockingbird or watched the Oscar award-winning movie with Gregory Peck. If you haven’t, you’ve obviously been living in a very dark cave for any number of years and I question as to why you are reading this blog instead reading that book or watching that movie?

Anyways, July 11th is the 50th anniversary of this extraordinary book. Here is an article about an interview with the author Harper Lee. Lee, like famous author J. D. Salinger, has been a recluse for much of her life. This article is really fascinating because it explores things that you may not have known. There is actually a 3 day festival to celebrate the anniversary of mockingbird each year.

When all is said and done this Pulitzer Prize winning book does what it did when it was first published. It teaches us not to go into the world to kill mockingbirds.


2 thoughts on “Mockingbirds

  1. I love this book and have seen the movie also. Did you know it’s actually illegal to kill mockingbirds in some states, I think in the state(Alabama?) this book was set in also, maybe hence the name lol.

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