Sleep More Or Less

The average American does not get enough sleep each night. Doctors recommend at least 8 hours a night for sleep. The average college student does not get enough sleep each night. I’m not sure if I’m an average American or an average college student but I am definitely among those that do not get enough sleep.

Interestingly enough, Genesee Community College has some brand new courses devoted entirely to sleep and sleep related research. It sounds funny but this stuff is actually pretty cool – take a look. Apart from that, I have been looking online for some sleep tips. Here are some good general tips for helping with sleep issues. In the end, it looks like good sleep and sleep habits come from discipline. YIKES!

Usually, I try not to suggest classics when I books with my post. However, this time it is for a bit of a different reason. If you are ever having real, serious, trouble reading – start reading Plato’s Republic you will be asleep almost at once.