Ever sit in school bored because of useless memorization of information? Or, have you ever complained about something being too hard because you had to take two different ideas and make something completely new? One last thing, have you ever wondered how teachers are taught how to well…teach?

That’s one of the very interesting things about education. We focus too much on what we learn and not how and why we learn it. Teachers are taught, generally, to teach starting with a basic crucial principle called Bloom’s Taxonomy. Sounds boring and complex all it means is the way people learn and how to know they’ve learned it.

Using the link above lets answer some of those pesky beginning questions. memorization IS boring but you have to know the ins and outs of things before you can analyze or evaluate it. When he complain about things getting tougher it’s because it requires a higher level of thinking. It’s like an educational brain freeze :P. Just get some hot fudge and you will get through it.

This is how teachers are taught to teach and how you learn. When you learned to talk your brain had to memorize other words before it was able to do things with them. Now, here is what you can do at each level. Okay, I’ve filled you with enough info now. Use it!