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If you know me even a little bit, you know that I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan. You wont see many posts about Harry Potter though because I respect the fact that some other people might not be huge Harry Potter fans even though I cannot understand why not. 😛 So, I am going to fill this post with lots of Harry Potter stuff.

First, Part I of the 7th Harry Potter movie is coming out this November! This goes along with the book Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. You can watch the official trailer by clicking here. It looks very good! Although, I am interested to know where they are going to end Part I. If you have opinions on this PLEASE comment.

Okay, two websites that every Harry Potter fan needs to have on his or her list of bookmarks. The first is MuggleNet, which really is the best resource for anything Harry Potter including recent news, book information, pictures, and much more. The next best resource is the Scholastic Harry Potter Site, which has better book information in my opinion than MuggleNet. It also has a Wizard Challenge game. Try to beat my score! 🙂

If you are a true Harry Potter fanatic you have to read the little companion books. My favorite one being Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. It’s like the shortest book ever but its a neat little thing. Have fun, all of you!

Editors Note from Anthony: If you have not read the books, please do not read the comments.  They contain spoilers.  Thanks!


15 thoughts on “Harry Potter Movie 7

  1. I think that is a very good idea. That is very much in the middle of the book, too. They would also still have plenty to cover in the second movie Gringotts, the battle at Hogwarts, and so on. Which movies so far have you liked and not liked?

  2. First two i don’t like, but when i saw them as a kid, i did enjoy them, now it just doesn’t hold up.(specially the first one)
    I really like the third Alfonso Cuaron did a great job.
    Fourth it was ok, haven’t seen it in a long time tough.
    Finally the fifth and sixth really liked as well, excited that David Yates will direct the last one!
    My last post is actually about this!

    Also i had idea to end at Dobby’s Funeral from Empire Strikes Back, because it ends when everything has gone bad.

    What are your favorites?

  3. I definitely liked the third one a lot. I thought they pulled off the Time Turner scene really well. The fifth one I also thought was right on with Umbdridge and many other things. I was a little disappointed with the sixth movie – I had a lot of nit picky problems with it. David Yates should do a fantastic job, I have HIGH expectations. I subscribed to your blog and look forward to reading it! 🙂 Feel free to hit me up about Harry Potter stuff or anything else anytime. Love to talk. LOL. Hm, if they pull off Dobby’s funeral well enough that would be another good spot.

  4. I have only seen the sixth one twice, but if you are nit picking in terms of staying true to the book I don’t mind them changing it as long as the main plot is there.
    My friends that didn’t read the books found it a bit boring, which is understandable because the action at the end was a bit underplayed.

    I think they will do a good job with Dobby’s funeral, the actors already demonstrated they can handle it.

  5. Yeah, a lot of my friends said that they find the sixth one a bit boring too. And, they didn’t read the books either. Makes sense like you said. Do you think they are going to do okay in the 7th movie with the scenes in the tent? There is a lot of down time, which needs to be adequately represented because the point kind of is that nothing is really happening until they get more info. I’m interested to see how they pull that off. What was your opinion of Dumbledore’s funeral?

  6. I don’t really remember the funeral, i just remember them lifting the wands in the air…
    I guess i will have to watch it again…oh well.

    The question with the tent is whether they will cut the right things, for one i wouldn’t be that surprised if they found away to avoid going to Grimmauld Place.

  7. Just a saw a picture of a scene in Grimmauld Place. There goes my theory.
    Maybe i thinking too much like it would be just one movie…i was looking so smart ahah!

  8. It was a good theory! 🙂 Well, we know they will avoid going to The Burrow because they burned it down in the sixth movie. I don’t know what I’m going to do when these movies are all over with, lol. The end of an era, for sure. They MUST do the scene where Mrs. Weasley OWNS Beletrix.

  9. I am pretty sure they will go to The Burrow or at least a new burrow, because in the trailer Hermione appears in the a dress so the wedding will happen.They are wizards, they can make a wooden house in a heartbeat…

    I think the Weasley owns Bellatrix thing will happen. The more i think of it two movies look more enough to accommodate most of the stuff…

  10. No, they certainly are not kids anymore. :O Emma Watson does the best job, I think. Sometimes, you can tell that Daniel and Rupert are acting. As for the adults…wow…that’s a tough one. Snape’s character does best with it though I think. You?

  11. I think the three kids were amazing casts, but i like Ruppert the best just because is the more “unusual” of the trio.

    The grown-ups David Thewlis(Lupin) and Richad Harris (first Dumbledore)

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