Village Of 100 People

If all demographics remained the same and the world was a village with only 100 people in it 51 would be male and 49 would be female. 50 would be malnurished. 33 would be Christian. And only one would have a college education. No, I didn’t do all of this fascinating research myself. 😛

The idea of the world as a Village of 100 People is an old one. Read through the website. It’s a colorful site and doesn’t take long to scroll through. To me, it is fascinating to downplay the numbers a bit so we can really see what our world is like.

The book Thirteen Reasons Why has nothing to do with world demographics. Instead, it is about a girl who commits suicide and leaves behind her account in no ordinary way. As you read this book, think about how this girl fits into the village of 100 people.