What’s A Degree?

This post was inspired by Renee Price and all of the graduating classes of 2010. Have you ever heard people criticize getting a diploma or a degree? “It’s just a pice of paper.” “Anyone could do that.” “Why bother? It leads to nothing.”

We live in a world today where so much can be taken away from us. They can take away your car, they can take away your house, they can even take away your life. There is one thing that no one can ever take away from you and that is the piece of paper that is a degree or diploma. If you’ve earned it it’s yours forever.

This paper is a blank check for success. You just have to write down what it is going to mean for you. Take this piece of paper out into the world and change this world for the better since no one else will. The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch is a great book that sums up what it means to have a that piece of paper. It talks of not the structure of classes and the importance of planning. Instead, this book teaches us to be free spirits. Something we all need to get reminded of once in a while. How does a degree free you get one and read this book you’ll find out.

Congratulations to the graduates of 2010!!!