It’s interesting how colors have meaning to us. One of the first things you were asked in elementary school is: what is your favorite color? As each of these words comes up it makes you think of something green, blue, orange, red.

Here is a website that gives a lot of information about colors. I specifically picked the page for the color red. Our understanding of color comes from association with physical things. Red makes us think of blood, fire, and stopping. Obviously, when we think of love in the communications world we think of love and passion. Red even means different things to people in different cultures. In China red is actually symbolizes good luck.

My 7th grade English teacher Mrs. Crane told me that teachers are often told that they should not correct in red. Students see red as negative and because of this ultimately think comments are negative when they could be perfectly good things. Red also comes into question when correcting or commenting on creative writing. Should the teacher really be making your writing bleed?

The Red Badge of Courage is a Civil War novel. It quite vividly depicts battle and bloodshed. A good read if you haven’t picked it up yet. So, think about your favorite color a little more and what it means. Oh, in case you were wondering, my favorite color is yellow. 🙂