Flag Rules

Go look at the nearest American flag to where you are. “Runs an errand or two while waiting.* Okay, hopefully you noticed some important things about the red, white, and blue wonder. For instance, how it is displayed and what direction it is pointing. There are actually specific flag rules that dictate how the flag is supposed to be flown in various situations. You can view some of these rules here.

There are also very specific rules about when to fly the flag at half-staff. And, unfortunately, today we break these rules all the time. There is a tendency to fly the flag whenever someone has died. Technically, the flag should be flown at half-staff only for the death of a national or state figure. See rules about flying the flag at half-staff here. Personally, I think it is a bit much when we see the flag flown at half-staff more than in its primary position. What do you think about this?

False Flags by Noel Hynd is a book memory chips from an American computer that raise some questions. This is an interesting book that this post made me think of. Stars and stripes forever!