Adults and Teens Texting and Driving

This article from states what I consider to be extremely obvious adults are just as likely to text while driving as teens are. People are reckless at all ages the last time I looked. Adults feel themselves just as invincible as teens do sometimes. People often forget that it is only steel that surrounds them in a car and that it is only flesh that protects bone. Stereotyping teens as the only people who text while drive shows only ignorance.

Tangerine by Edward Bloor is a book about a legally blind teenager that can “see” better than anyone else can. He can see the lies in which his parents and brother are living. Unfortunately, it takes time maybe too much time for him to see the disgusting reason he is the way he is. This book will make you sick to your stomach but it is a must read. Again, they’ve updated the cover and I like the old one better.