Pop vs. Soda

You know the never-ending soft drink battle between soda and pop. Well, there are a few other possible variations, too. For instance, some people wishing to make all folks happy call it soda pop. In some other places people refer to everything as coke.

Click here to see a map of the different names people have for soft drinks color coded by county in the United States. This is very cool. Although, I would like to know specifically what the “other” sections are calling soft drinks. Click here to see a list of the pop vs. soda and other names stats. You can see Canada in these stats too if you wish. Do you want to take the survey? Add to these statistics by clicking here and telling what you think soft drinks should be called. Scroll down to the part that says “THE SURVEY”.

For some reason thinking about how people see the same thing differently makes me think of John Steinbeck’s The Red Pony. This is a story about a dreamer of great dreams and of the sadness that can sometimes be associated with the very best of intentions. If Steinbeck sounds familiar it’s because you probably read Of Mice and Men in high school or watched the movie. If you haven’t…well…go do that. 🙂