BP Sinks Even Lower

This article from CNN.com states that BP has paid Gulf coast residents $104 million. They are acting like they should be commended for helping with their own errors.

The part of the article that fascinates me the most and makes me marvel even more at the stupidity of BP and the greatness of the people affected in the golf cost is this

“One Louisiana official tried out a new device of his own on: a reversible drum vac that he ordered online for $400.Within 15 minutes, he said his crews had collected 55 gallons of oil and Nungesser — vocally frustrated by the response from BP and the federal government — was thinking about whipping out his credit card to pay for more pumps from an online site.”

Ashes of Roses by Mary Jane Auch is a book about a family that has to leap over immense obstacles to feel at home and be safe in America. Technically, this book is considered an immigration tale. I find it horrifying that people in the Gulf are experiencing some of the same obstacles because our country is unwilling to help.