Loathed as I am to admit it, I really like the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer. This is a vampire romance in which a girl falls in love with a vampire. Okay, now that I’ve lost half of the readers because they think this post is about Twilight let’s start cracking shall we?

Have you ever thought about where the vampire myth comes from? I mean, think about it, how many references about vampires have you seen in books, movies, TV shows, and all around you at Halloween? Have you ever BEEN to Salem? I haven’t, but they tell me this stuff comes up there quite a lot.

I didn’t really think there would be much history behind the vampire myth. But as it turns out, the idea of vampires dates back to biblical times and references can be found in Ancient Greece and Rome. The Chinese vampire is known as the “Lord of Death” who holds a goblet full of his victim’s blood. It’s interesting stuff to just know something about so look at this BRIEF history here.

The Beasties by William Sleator is not a vampire novel. Instead, it is a short good little book about “monsters” that need human donors to survive. Even if you don’t read the book, think about that for a second. Who among us will need transfused blood to survive someday? How many have had to feast on human flesh when survival instincts kick in and there is nothing else to eat? Just some things to think about. I’m going to go have a bologna sandwich.