Good News?

Do me a favor. Turn on the TV and find a news station like CNN or MSNBC. If you don’t have a TV use the internet or the radio. Chances are, the very first thing you encounter when you turn to the news is negative. The lead story is always going to be something about death, destruction, corruption, or some combination therein.

Why is bad news always first of the gamete? In fact, the only other thing that as continuously replayed as bad news is celebrity news. Ever heard the phrase, “sex sells”. Well, so does death, destruction, corruption, and celebrity nonsense. A lot of times that’s what keeps the public interested and that is how the media exercises control over us.

However, that is not to say some stories that the media presents to us are not positive. This is a story about a man who had to self-amputate. This man miraculously survived. And, continuously throughout the article it mentions human spirit. It is good to know that there is a such thing as good news and even good humanity.

Some of us do not need to go to extremes to survive, which is probably a good thing. However, there are definitely some of us that need to think more about the value of our lives and what’s out there that can threaten us. Dr. Jan Garavaglia, M. D. is a forensic pathologist in Florida. She wrote an amazing book called How Not to Die, which gives lists and explanations on how to avoid the nation’s top killers. Check it out!