The World Is Flat

I know in a crisis like this it is common for people to gravitate towards the President for a solution. Well, the truth is the President can’t really do much in a situation like this. Quibble all you want over Bush’s response to Katrina and Obama’s response to the oil. Both would’ve been better or worse in an…a multitude of different ways. But, when the day is done – they don’t have as much influence in the situation as one might think – nay hope.

You are probably wondering why this post is titled The World is Flat. As a matter of fact, The World is Flat is the title of an excellent book by the now famous author Thomas L. Friedman. In this book, Friedman attempts to explain the interconnectedness of the modern world while giving a truly exquisite outlook on the 21st century. Personally, I feel this is a book many should read in light of the oil spill crisis.