The nation’s other non-BP disasters (via Allison Kilkenny: Unreported)

This is an interesting article, it gives an different look into some of the smaller disasters that have happened recently.

The nation's other non-BP disasters Surely, the BP disaster deserves the obsessive coverage it has received (thus far). But at the risk of missing some other important stories, I want to briefly address two somewhat overlooked catastrophes – one that has already taken place, and one that possesses the potential to be horrific, but we still have time to stop. Many Americans would be surprised to hear there's another domestic oil spill – in Salt Late City. (via) Chevron says a hole t … Read More

via Allison Kilkenny: Unreported


2 thoughts on “The nation’s other non-BP disasters (via Allison Kilkenny: Unreported)

  1. Fascinating article. The obsessive coverage of the BP disaster will fade. And, unfortunately, people will eventually forget about what happened. Just like with Katrina. The suffering wont have passed though. 😦

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