Harry Potter Movie 7

If you know me even a little bit, you know that I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan. You wont see many posts about Harry Potter though because I respect the fact that some other people might not be huge Harry Potter fans even though I cannot understand why not. 😛 So, I am going to fill this post with lots of Harry Potter stuff.

First, Part I of the 7th Harry Potter movie is coming out this November! This goes along with the book Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. You can watch the official trailer by clicking here. It looks very good! Although, I am interested to know where they are going to end Part I. If you have opinions on this PLEASE comment.

Okay, two websites that every Harry Potter fan needs to have on his or her list of bookmarks. The first is MuggleNet, which really is the best resource for anything Harry Potter including recent news, book information, pictures, and much more. The next best resource is the Scholastic Harry Potter Site, which has better book information in my opinion than MuggleNet. It also has a Wizard Challenge game. Try to beat my score! 🙂

If you are a true Harry Potter fanatic you have to read the little companion books. My favorite one being Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. It’s like the shortest book ever but its a neat little thing. Have fun, all of you!

Editors Note from Anthony: If you have not read the books, please do not read the comments.  They contain spoilers.  Thanks!



Summer is well underway here in Batavia, I just got a job (I start today!) and also have been just relaxing.  I don’t know if it’s a sign of growing up or what it is, but I can’t wait for the semester to start again.  I am actually truly bored!  How is your summer going?

A Different Look on the G20 Summit

I am a huge believer in getting these groups of politicans together to try and work for a better world, but it does come with the concequences that are being shown right now.  I personally believe in protesting and a lot of these people have a good reason for doing it.  I just don’t believe on destructing to “prove points”.



Where I live, we have extreme cold and then wonderful days like today of warmth.  I have a few reasons why I love summer, I enjoy the outdoors and I also enjoy the freedom I feel that it gives us.  When there is snow on the ground, people are more likely to stay inside.  They aren’t likely to drive and see something beautiful, because most likely all the beautiful things are covered in white cold snow.


What is your favorite part of summer?

Village Of 100 People

If all demographics remained the same and the world was a village with only 100 people in it 51 would be male and 49 would be female. 50 would be malnurished. 33 would be Christian. And only one would have a college education. No, I didn’t do all of this fascinating research myself. 😛

The idea of the world as a Village of 100 People is an old one. Read through the website. It’s a colorful site and doesn’t take long to scroll through. To me, it is fascinating to downplay the numbers a bit so we can really see what our world is like.

The book Thirteen Reasons Why has nothing to do with world demographics. Instead, it is about a girl who commits suicide and leaves behind her account in no ordinary way. As you read this book, think about how this girl fits into the village of 100 people.

What’s A Degree?

This post was inspired by Renee Price and all of the graduating classes of 2010. Have you ever heard people criticize getting a diploma or a degree? “It’s just a pice of paper.” “Anyone could do that.” “Why bother? It leads to nothing.”

We live in a world today where so much can be taken away from us. They can take away your car, they can take away your house, they can even take away your life. There is one thing that no one can ever take away from you and that is the piece of paper that is a degree or diploma. If you’ve earned it it’s yours forever.

This paper is a blank check for success. You just have to write down what it is going to mean for you. Take this piece of paper out into the world and change this world for the better since no one else will. The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch is a great book that sums up what it means to have a that piece of paper. It talks of not the structure of classes and the importance of planning. Instead, this book teaches us to be free spirits. Something we all need to get reminded of once in a while. How does a degree free you get one and read this book you’ll find out.

Congratulations to the graduates of 2010!!!