McCain to Suspend Campaign

Presidential nominee John McCain announced today that he will be suspending his campaign to put more focus onto the falling economy. You can read more at CNN.

My Opinion

I believe that Barrack is right by saying that the debates should continue.  As he said in a statement today, they both have planes that can get them from one state to another fairly quickly, therefore meaning that they can get to and from Washington if needed.

I somewhat think that McCain is suspending his campaign as a move to put the spotlight back onto himself (not that it has left him recently).  I do not think it is necessary that he would have to suspend his campaign, being that there is only a little over a month in it.  The American people need to be reassured that the financial crisis that we are going through will be fixed or at least a proposal to fix it will be placed.  That is what is important at this point.


It appears that McCain has asked Obama to suspend the debate that is scheduled for Friday.

Update #2:

Obama has rejected McCain’s proposal to delay Friday’s debate, stating that “it’s more important than ever that the country hear from it’s next president.”

The host of Friday’s event, the University of Mississippi, is continuing  with preparations for the debate.



I find it ultimately disturbing how much Sarah Palin is lacking in her knowledge of simple things about our government. Be it lack of time in office or whatnot, she needs to figure this out before November 4.

By the way, I am back! Expect lots of posts and stuff about politics, my life and the such over the next few months. =]