Two Years

I just would like to thank everyone who has read my blog, we just passed the two year mark. This was a big thing for me, as it is nice to see that I can keep my site going for longer than a day. Hopefully we can see the three/four/five year mark! Thank you all.


Media Girl

To the media girl at the emergency at the bridge in Spencerport, New York:

You have no right to talk to people like that. How do you know that we aren’t parts of the media ourselves? You make a bad name for yourself and if I ever see you at another media event I will denounce you. You are ungrateful and you really painted a bad picture of yourself (plus the picture I got of you that I will be posting around Rochester news sites).



Rochester is having a bit of a hot streak right now, with temperatures in the 90s. This is no good since most of us do not have A/C due to the fact that we never usually have to use it. I have been camping out in the basement (it’s finished) so that I can keep cool. I love New York


Why is everyone silent when they shouldn’t be? We all can be mean to each other and make sure that everyone knows, but when it comes to something pertaining to love we are closed mouth about it. Why?