I am now writing all my blog posts and uploading all my images with Flock. I love this browser because it is based off of Firefox and it has added so many other things that make blogging/image uploading much easier.

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One thing I have noticed since I started to drive is how people in trucks like their fog lights. I haven’t had a night where I could be clear of the blinding fog-lightness of a truck. It’s not enough that they have to be much higher up than me, but they still must have another set of lights to show their ever important presence.

Hey Mr. Truck, I know you’re there. Now go away.

Winter Wonderland

Well, New York usually see’s it’s first storm in mid-December. This year it came in mid-January. Here is a little bit of what happened, and some cool pictures of the ice on the trees. I am delayed one hour for school, but not canceled, which is too bad.

Ice Tree