I have done quite a bit in the last month. I am currently working on getting my car, and I can’t wait for the Christmas season to come full blast. Everything is great at work, love every minute that I spend there.

Katy and I have been dating for 13 months now, and I still get that weird feeling when I am with her. I thought it would go away after this long, but I still get butterflies just when we hold hands. You know it must be true then.

Weather sucks right now, it’s cold, icy and disgusting. There is nothing fun about driving on this crap, it just makes you stay inside more and watch movies! The worst part is having to plan out any trip in a car at least 15 minutes ahead, so that the car can be heated up.

My birthday is in 10 days, I’ll be turning 18. I can’t wait, not that I will be doing much, I have to work all night :-P. It’s alright though! 🙂

Well, off to work at 3 and then coming home to relax for school tomorrow. January is coming fast, updates are almost in full effect in the background here! Hope everyone is having a great December.