Security Breach?

I have been following this story of an Indiana college student who posted something online that showed the security problems with our security checks at the airport. This guy proved a point that the security procedures by the TSA are wrong and have a lot of holes and problems. We aren’t as safe as we appear. I work at an airport and I do have to agree that the system is alright, but not great.


Daylight Savings Time Ends

This Sunday marks the end of daylight savings time (DST) for the United States. Sunday, turn your clocks back two hours and get those extra two hours of sleep. Next year, DST will end in November because of an act that was put forward by President Bush. This is a great idea in my opinion because of the fact that usually DST ends right before Halloween, causing more accidents and less trick-or-treating time by the kids while it’s light.

Stereo Help

I have an older AIWA stereo that has connectors on the back for a red/white cable (normally from the TV). I want to connect that stereo to my sound out port on my computer so that I can use the “aux” function on the stereo to listen to whatever sounds are coming out of my computer.

Does anyone know what kind of adaptor I would have to buy that would have the red/white on one end and the connector to go into a normal stereo portion my computer?



I have started to go to the Lakeshore Community Church for their youthgroup program with my girlfriend and her friends. It is a great experience, where you can meet new people and learn about new things. I am going to go to my first Sunday service tomorrow, I hear it is a fun thing to do.

School has been taking over my life, a whole month now has went by and I am swamped with work. I did expect it though because it is my last year here at Spencerport. I have been handling a new job at the airport, college applications, social life. I guess this is what parents say when they mean “this is what life is”. It’s fun, but I can’t tell you a day that I have got to relax in the last two months, but I’m not complaining.