Rhino's Championship

Tonight is the final Rhino’s game and Katy, Jen and I will be there. They are playing for the championship, the whole kabang. I have never personally been to a championship game and I can’t wait. I have the Bills game tomorrow against the Minnesotta Vikings.



I just started a new job at the Rochester International Airport working for the Red Osier. I start Thursday and it is from 3-6pm. Sadly, this reduces the amount of time that I can spend with my website, even though I am planning on trying to write an article at least once a week, and during some periods even more.

I’ve got a bunch in plan, I just have to find a time to do it, I will get back to you all when I get an idea.

Thanks for reading, be back in a few days! 🙂

Senior Year

Tomorrow marks my first day as a senior in Spencerport. This is a big day for me, since I have worked so hard to achieve what I have achieved. It also is going to be akward, because I have grown acustomed to doing these things, and tomorrow will be my last ‘first’ day of school.

More when I get home tomorrow, going bowling with work tonight to finish off the summer 🙂