A Day at Seabreeze

Yesterday I spent the day at a local Rochester amusement park called Seabreeze. It is a fabulous park that isn’t too big, so therefore the lines aren’t that big. It features a few roller coasters, a bunch of water slides and much more. I do have quite a sore back though because a few of the coasters are about 100 years old and it definally throws you around.

My girlfriend got me to go on this one coaster where you go quite far up and then it spins around while you are moving. That to me is one of the more scary parts of a roller coaster, because you never know which way you will be going.

The only ride I did not ride was the pirate ship one that went upside down. I have this huge fear of things going upside down and getting stuck, so Katy was upset with me, but I wasn’t going to do it no matter what.

I’m off today for the weekend for a family reunion, most of this family I haven’t seen in 3-4 years. Then I’m back Sunday for working at Red Osier! Can’t wait to blog about both things. Have a great weekend everyone.