Katy's Party

I am sitting here with Katy, celebrating her 15th birthday with a fabulous party. Branden from ItsMNM.net is sitting on the couch behind me. Katy can always do something good, she had a lot of food, a lot of friends and a lot of fun.

I’ve been working every day, and tomorrow we will be going to Seabreeze with my other family. I can’t wait, it will be a lot of fun.


A Day at Seabreeze

Yesterday I spent the day at a local Rochester amusement park called Seabreeze. It is a fabulous park that isn’t too big, so therefore the lines aren’t that big. It features a few roller coasters, a bunch of water slides and much more. I do have quite a sore back though because a few of the coasters are about 100 years old and it definally throws you around.

My girlfriend got me to go on this one coaster where you go quite far up and then it spins around while you are moving. That to me is one of the more scary parts of a roller coaster, because you never know which way you will be going.

The only ride I did not ride was the pirate ship one that went upside down. I have this huge fear of things going upside down and getting stuck, so Katy was upset with me, but I wasn’t going to do it no matter what.

I’m off today for the weekend for a family reunion, most of this family I haven’t seen in 3-4 years. Then I’m back Sunday for working at Red Osier! Can’t wait to blog about both things. Have a great weekend everyone.

Off for the Weekend

I will be gone today and tomorrow at a wedding, so I won’t be posting. When I get back on Monday though, I will post about the new job that I got yesterday and a bunch of tech and news updates. Another episode of the podcast will be released Monday night, along with the new format of posts. Hope everyone has a good weekend.

No Liquids

Today, the alert status in the United States was raised to a never before seen Red level. This means that there is a great fear of a terrorist attack within the near future. This came from reports of 20+ men in the UK who were plotting to blow up airplanes flying to the US using a certain combination of liquids. As of this morning, no liquids are being allowed onto any US flights, and no electronics as well as liquids in the UK.

I’ll post more as it becomes available.

Gmail Australia Post-Beta

This morning the users of the popular Google e-mail service, Gmail, woke up to find that their version of Gmail was out of beta. For a regular, new user of the service, this would mean that you wouldn’t have to recieve an invitation to get an account, it would be open to the public. Google US says that their version of Gmail will not be out of beta until it has gained the guidelines that they have previously set.


I have started my love for biking once again, with riding almost 14 miles the other day. I’ve been averaging about 9 miles on the Canal path which is extremely beautiful and fairly flat. I will start writing about some events and new technologies in the biking industry!

Hot Hot Hot!

Today will be one of the hottest days yet, with a heat index (what it will feel like) outside being almost 110. This is not normal for New York, as we usually only go up to about 90. I am still going to bike though today, as normal. If it’s hot where you are, remember to drink lots and stay safe!