I was mowing today, and stupidely I caught my hand in between a swing and the bar, brusing up most of my pinkie, ring finger and thumb.  I also broke a bunch of blood vesells.  Why this suprises me is because the fact that if I would have done this a year ago, I would have reacted differently to the whole situation, but now I just ignored it and the fact that it hurts more than anything.

I’ll be back later with some posts about the new features on the blog and some new Web 2.0 sites!


Hilton Drive-In Fly-In Breakfast

Yesterday, the family and myself went to the Hilton NY Drive-In Fly-In Breakfast. I personally had never been to this event, and I am sad of this fact because it was the most fun thing I have done in a very long time. I am a huge aircraft fan, and I am considering getting my flying license. I would love to get the license so that I could just have the freedom of the flight, and hopefully one day be able to use it for vacationing and the such. I hopefully should get more information as I have requested it from a few companies. I am such a junkie that I will sit and listen to the JFK Air Traffic stream, it’s actually interesting to me.

Anyways, the beauty of this breakfast is that you can watch the planes come in and go out, as well as take a ride on a plane if interested. I still haven’t went up, but I know in a heartbeat that if I had the money I would. My girlfriend, Katy, has never been in a plane and I do think she would also enjoy it.

Coming Movies

As many of you know, I am a huge fan of movies. If it’s a drama, a comedy, or anything else, I’ll most likely watch it. If you’d like to recommend for me to watch a movie and review it on the site, just contact me or drop me a comment. Coming up we’ve got Clerks 2, Monster House, My Super Ex-Girlfriend (maybe), & Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest. I’ll post about them when I see them. Has anyone seen them already?

Help Nadim

A new site has been opened called Help Nadim. The purpose of this site is to help a teen web designer in Lebanon who has been stricken with grief and destruction. Within the past week, Nadim’s father died of a heart attack, and his belongings were destroyed in the bombings that have been taking place in the last week in Lebanon. The family suffured over $130,000 in damages, and because of that the web community along with the Negative Horizon Network are asking you to donate to Nadim, so that he can get his life back on track & start doing what he loves to do.

Site: Help Nadim

5 months

I will be 18 in exactly 5 months from today. 18 to me is one of the bigger birthdays because of the exclusive right to vote. I think that voting is one of the best things that any American citizen can do, as not every country gets the amount of decision making that each individual gets. We aren’t forced to do something we don’t want to do, we get to choose to get rid of those who do things to hurt us. It’s ingenious. It upsets me to see people who don’t vote, but then sit there and complain about the fact that the elected official isn’t very great. If you voice your opinion, make sure you did something to try and change who goes in there.

Google Paint

I just stumbled upon a link to Google Paint. Pretty much it is Windows Paint, but done by a member of the Google Pages community. Not too sure how long this will stay up because it wasn’t actually made by Google, but I think if Google was smart they would be contacting this guy for some more of his work.


I finally got a summer job after looking for one for a while. I have started mowing my Dad’s friend Drew’s lawn. This isn’t no ordinary lawn though, it takes me about three and a half hours to mow the entire thing, but he is paying well and it’s entirely worth it. So I am off in about 15 minutes to mow it for the second time, I’ll post later when I get back. I love the new format!