Need Your Help

I have decided what I am going to do for my senior project, I will be doing my paper, product and presentation based upon safety on the internet, how to inform parents/teachers better, teach them about the good, etc.

One thing that I need is about 10 people that are willing to discuss through e-mail, IM, phone or whatever medium (and have their names used on the project) about what they use the internet for, and questions based upon that.

If you are interested please comment here with your e-mail, as I will send you an information page with links to the project site and the such. You can also e-mail me using the contact form or IM me (AIM) NegativeAnthony (MSN)

Thanks for your help guys! Have a good day, I have some articles I am writing right now, and school is almost over for the year, so things will go way up in consistancy and the site will improve much more. I have a bunch more ideas, but it’s too hard to do right now.