I am off for a couple day vacation, I’ll be back Thursday. If you need to get ahold of me, drop me an e-mail using the contact form. Katy will be writing at her blog at http://katy.negativehorizon.com.

When I get back, more posts will be made about the site redesign and the normal post flow will most certaintly come back.


Worldcup – Ghana v. US

Well, I am off to go to my grandparent’s house to watch the next great World Cup game, Ghana v. US. Italy is also playing at the same time, these games show if we will proceed or not to the next round. I will post after I return tonight, Nicki (step-mom) has a game tonight at 7, so I’ll be home after that. It also seems that Matt Bob Jones has been watching quite a bit, why not, it’s been great!

School is Over

I just finished my last exam for the year, so now my Junior school year is finally over. I think I may have not passed Math III, so I will have to find out if summer school is neccesary for that. Anyways, at least until July 11, I will have nothing to do. I wish I could get a job, I have applied at about a million places, and I hope that at least one will call for an interview. It is quite discouraging when you apply and no one calls back.

VistaTorrent Site Shutdown

The VistaTorrent Site, wich was created to give an easy way to download the new beta of the Vista software, was pelted with a cease-and-desist letter this week. I don’t understand the bias for shutting them down, as they were offering a download that Microsoft is failing to offer at a reasonable rate, and you still had to have a serial number given to you by Microsoft. Sometimes I wonder if these companies even think through things, or just do things by the book.

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father’s Day to everyone who is a father or who has a father. Today will be spent watching World Cup soccer and talking, as is every day in my house :).

Have a great day everyone, the first day of blogging heavy should start tomorrow!

World Cup – USA v. Italy

This Saturday the United States will be playing Italy in what I am calling the match of the year. I am Italian, so of course I want to root for the Italians, but I am also an American, so I want to root for the US. I figure I will end up rooting for the US anyways, but whoever goes on I will continue to root for.

Who are you watching to win?

On another note, I found out some bad news about my father Tuesday, so I am going to work with that for a few weeks. Unfortunally, I’m not sure how much can be put down on the blog during this time, but as promised I will continue to blog heavily into the summer. The redesign won’t be effected anyways, still will come out July 18.


I am so sick! I have like a head cold but it has decided to not be that bad, except for the large amount of sleep that it is requiring me to have. Hopefully when I get feeling better, and also the fact that school ends tomorrow (full days at least), I will get the entries up that I have wanted too, and can start working on the improvements to the site.