Fall Lineup

The networks have came out with their unofficial fall lineups. Here is the summary (listed only a few shows in each category):


Returning: CSI, CSI:Miami, Survivor, Numb3rs, The Unit, King of Queens
Out: Love Monkey, Yes Dear, Still Standing


Returning: Deal or No Deal, Medium, My Name is Earl, The Office, Las Vegas, Crossing Jordan
Out: Joey, Conviction (I loved this show, sad to see that they wouldn’t keep it), Heist


Returning: Grey’s Anatomy, Lost, AFV

I am quite upset with ABC. I already have a FULL schedule with television on Thursday nights, and then they move yet another show (Grey’s Anatomy is moving to 9:00) to this time slot. I hate competiton, it makes for a long night.


Returning: 24, The O.C., Prision Break, Family Guy, The War at Home, House

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