Stop Summarizing RSS

Why do people find it neccesary to summarize their RSS feeds? There is nothing more annoying and it’s the biggest turn-off to reading a blog when I sit down in my feed reader to read all of my feeds and I get only a sentance or so of one. I don’t want to have to click the rest of the content, and if the person dosen’t feel secure enough with letting me read the entire entry, why should I?

If you summarize your feed, why so? Leave something in the comments…


5 thoughts on “Stop Summarizing RSS

  1. I feel the same way, but I’m still going to argue your point.

    As you say “Why summarize feeds?” I say “Why not?” The point of a website with or without an rss feed is almost always to have people read it. When people are reading the content in a feedreader is it really “reading the site?” The reader is not in the same context and thus can’t get the experience that the author of the site wants.

    There is also the small issue of ads impressions and clickthroughs.

    While I agree with you, you need to learn to defend you argument with logical arguments. In this post, all you’re saying is “Why is it like this? I want it to be this way. Why would you do it that way?” The only valid point you made is that you shouldn’t have to click through to the site to get the content, yet you downplayed this by not only making a typo, but calling out people with differing opinions.

  2. couple of things.
    people who get make advertising dollars with their blog, do it so you have to visit them and see their ads.
    some design gurus get anoyed that they put a lot of hard work into their site, and no one’s looking at it. (c.f. andy rutledge, who only puts titles in his rss feed).
    some people have trouble getting their feeds to validate otherwise. a summary can be stripped of html and forced into narrow validation parameters so that no one’s feed reader balks.

  3. I think that if someone is able to subscribe to a RSS feed, they would know enough to visit the site to view the pages and the such on it…

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