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What feed reader do you use? I have been using FeedLounge for about 3 months now, and I will not be switching in the near future. I just looked and I am subscribed to 231 feed(s). It’s amazing to me that I read this many feeds, and enjoy them all.

What feed reader do you use? What blogs do you subscribe to? Tell in the comments.


7 thoughts on “RSS Feed Readers

  1. I use Thunderbird, mainly so I don’t have to open a separate client for email and RSS, saves virtual memory. I used to use Feed Demon though. I’ll never use an online reader, just because of the fact that it could all be lost at any moment.

    I’m subscribed to well over 600 feeds

  2. Do you not think that the information could be lost on your computer too? At first I thought the same way as you do, but once I sat down and thought about it, I trust the computers of FeedLounge more than my own since they back up quite a bit.

  3. I use NetNewsWire Lite. I’m currently too cheap to pay for a feed reader and NetNewsWire Lite is doing a pretty good job for me. I try out other feed readers once in a while, though, hoping I’ll find something even better.

  4. I use Google Reader… I just wouldn’t trust anybody else with any of my information. However, I really can’t find time to go through all my feeds anymore… I mean holy crap, how do you sift through 231 feeds every day?

  5. I can sift through them with just the right mixture of time, effort and drugs. The drugs seem to do it for me. In all seriousness, I only add feeds of people that I know or extremelly well updated blogs such as Engadget and TV Squad.

  6. I’m admittedly biased, but having the right tool for the job helps quite a bit. Some feed readers are optimized for people with 8-10 feeds (Google Reader is one of these, I’ve talked to their devs about it), while others (like FeedLounge) were designed from the ground up to provide an efficient reading interface for hundreds or even thousands of feeds.

    The great thing about the nearly universal OPML support by feed readers is that you if you find your feed reader isn’t keeping up with the volume of feeds you follow or you find you’d prefer to cut back to fewer feeds and an interface to match, you can do it pretty darn easily.

  7. Anthony, I regularly create an OPML file and upload it to various servers I have access to. I also have accounts with Google, Feedlounge, and Bloglines, so I import my new OPML files to those. Just in case one goes down I cana lways access my information from another site.

    I do the same thing with email contacts, photos, etc. Keep in mind that all of my files are usually buried deep within the servers I access. I also regularly print a list of all my feeds, because having a physical copy of info is always good too

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