Coming Up

Starting Thursday evening, I am starting my vacation from school and work.  This is one vacation that I have actually be looking foward too.  I will get to sit back, write some articles for the site, relax, sleep and eat.  All of my favorite things to do.

Coming up in the next week:
– Posts about the newest in Web 2.0
– Posts about the newest in technology and the world we live in.
– Posts updating my life and interesting things going on it.

Coming up in the future:
– I am working on writing articles and working on setting up the blog to be more fun for people to visit.  Expect new things by late May/early June.  I will link to an update page when that becomes avilable.

If anyone has an idea for something that they want me to do some research on, tell my personal experience about, or whatever, just contact me.