Random Shapes – Version 2

It looks like Matt just released version 2 of the Random Shapes website, and I’m going to say that I am very impressed. It is a clean design with a good amount of features, and I am happy to be part of this network!



I just found this great technology vidcast called TechCentric. It is done in a neat fashion, and broken into easy to watch segments with great quality. This is very suprising since most vidcasts don’t have the best starting episodes. They released Episode 1 and will be releasing Episode 2 within next month.


In the first of a many part series, I am reviewing music sites. The one this week is PureVolume. This site is what MySpace wanted to be. It has a great design, fast interface and makes finding new artists and making a profile easy! You click and go, and you can find almost any artist with previews and exclusive content.

Visit PureVolume today, look at my profile, and make your own!

I'm back, hiccup.

Well, it seems that my wonderful server decided to ban me because of a program that I failed to un-install from my computer. The program kept trying to log into the FTP server, and I guess a security feature is in place to stop attacks. Therefore the server blacklisted my IP address from accessing the sites.

That is why I haven’t been on my site in the last few days, mostly because I couldn’t of been. I’ve got an empty weekend ahead of me, I will be sure to make up for the posts that are missed.

By the way, the first Negative Horizon Radio Show will be in two weeks, Friday at 9pm. More details when it gets a bit closer :).


I got back last night from a nice little week vacation from the computer and life. On Thursday I went to my Mom’s house and hung out with a bunch of friends that I haven’t seen in forever.

On Friday I went to see “The Sentinel” at the movie theatre. I enjoyed it quite a bit, it had a great amount of plot twists and the only part that made the movie bad was the fact that there was a row of kids in front of me that wouldn’t shutup and sit down.

I don’t understand why they would pay all that money for a ticket, and then refuse to act like civil people. One girl kept going from the third row to the first row about every three seconds.

Have you ever experienced this when in a movie theatre?

On Saturday I was at Houghton College working with my Grandma, as she was the head Librarian that day. We get a call from my Uncle saying that he thought that he had broken his arm when a rock fell on it. Sure enough, he did, actually in 3 places. So I spent all night of my Saturday (from about 4:30pm until 11:30pm) in the Emergency Room.

There was enough scary people in that Emergency Room to scare away even the weirdest of people, and it seemed that they all wanted to talk to me. I had no interest in sitting there and talking to a bunch of weird people, so I pretty much isolated myself from everyone and just kinda watched.

I will have a review of the movie I saw later, I’m off to work on the site now.

Stop Summarizing RSS

Why do people find it neccesary to summarize their RSS feeds? There is nothing more annoying and it’s the biggest turn-off to reading a blog when I sit down in my feed reader to read all of my feeds and I get only a sentance or so of one. I don’t want to have to click the rest of the content, and if the person dosen’t feel secure enough with letting me read the entire entry, why should I?

If you summarize your feed, why so? Leave something in the comments…