Web 2.0 IRC?

My question today is when will we see a “web 2.0” of IRC?  I sit on an IRC network today, struggling with the pre-1990 interface and wondering why I was wasting my time with it.  With all the problems that happen with the servers, the DDOS attacks and the kids, it really isn’t worth it.  Then I remember that I really do need a chatroom for my site, and I really need to use IRC since there is no other alternative.

I realize that there are AJAX chat rooms, but they are lacking in features.  I want something that runs like IRC, but has a 2006 interface and easier to use.  Can anyone give me that?


2 thoughts on “Web 2.0 IRC?

  1. Actually, no. No one will give you that. I’m not sure what client you’re using, but I think IRC is easily the best thing since, well, anything. It doesn’t matter if the interface is cirac 1990 because it doesn’t need anything else. Commands can be run in a second. I personally love the idea of a command line-like interface.

  2. The IRC protocol has been around for almost 20 years, and the fact that it remains in use, more popular than ever, is a testament to its quality. Using IRC is a cakewalk once you’ve familiarized yourself with the commands and basic concepts, and with a little more learning, anyone can run their own IRC server or network. If anything, the interface is straightforward. Users on the right, conversation on the left, text window at the bottom. I’ve never seen a simpler chat window in other multi-user chat protocols such as AIM or MSN. No server is up 100% of the time, but the distributed nature of an IRC network minimizes that inconvenience. And with modern, featureful IRCds and service packages, managing a channel is actually pretty easy.

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