MySpace is Horrible!

I haven’t been able to use MySpace for more than 10 minutes at a time this week because there are always errors, or they are “trying” to fix the errors. Why did someone start this site if they knew what type of site it was? If you are starting a site that is a SOCIAL network, then you should expect that a large amount of people will be coming to your site.

Fix your problems, buy more servers, do whatever! Just fix the damn thing!

Update on February 9, 2006 at 6:29pm EST:
I think I am going to keep a running update of the errors and the such that I find on the site as I try to do small things every day…

Update on February 9, 2006 at 6:30pm EST:
I am trying to login. It appears that they are doing “special profile matience” on my profile. I saw this one yesterday, and a few times the day before that. They just change the day to make it look up to date. Again, don’t offer a service you can’t give….


2 thoughts on “MySpace is Horrible!

  1. it’s a sign! the servers are running a muck thanks to the pedophiles that run rampant on the site. jk. you can’t expect much considering the number of users, long page loads (for profiles overloaded with animated gifs, and every 13-16 year old constantly hitting refresh in order to check if someone left a new comment.

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