1st Grader Suspended for Sexual Harassment

You have to love stories like this. It seems that a 1st grader in Brockton, Massachusetts was suspended for sexual harassment because he put two fingers inside of a classmate’s waistband. The boy said that he only touched the girl because she had touched him. The mother was outraged that her 1st grade son was suspended.

“The connotation is you’re getting some kind of sexual gratification, or wanting sexual gratification, or are putting pressure on for some kind of sexual gratification, when a 6-year-old doesn’t have that capacity,” said E. Christopher Murray, a civil rights attorney who has handled school discipline cases.

Dr. Elizabeth Berger, a Philadelphia-area child psychiatrist, said this case seems to be an overzealous attempt to ensure students feel safe in school after years in which society was not attentive enough.

Source: CNN