Weird, just weird way to take pictures.



I am going to work today on updating the weblog, maybe adding some skins and the such. I am also going to start linking to a couple of friends blogs, and maybe even adding a few mods here and there.

Keep checking back throughout the day, leave me a comment or two if you want!

Whatever Tech Podcast

I am just wanting to let everyone know that the Whatever Tech podcast (we started it back in August of 2005) will be returning within the month. We hope that everyone will still listen, we have upgraded all of our equipment greatly. More information will come ASAP!

I’m Back

Sorry about not posting the last few weeks, I had to do some school work and the such, so I really didn’t spend much time on the computer. I am back today though, and I have this week to do a lot of research, posting and the such since there are midterms. I am also preparing for my radio show to return once Woody gets everything back up.

I’ll post after my Math mid-term today (about 3)…