Out of Town

I will not be posting on any of my sites from Wednesday to Saturday this week because of a family death. I will try and keep up with current news and events, as well as write some lengthy articles for you all for when I get back. Thanks for everyone’s support.


Santa Clause

I just got a nice IM from one of those annoying AIM bots that AOL is sending around. They are taking advantage of all the people on their service to advertise, and I think it’s pretty sad. They hit us with ads in every window and think that they are offering a worthwhile service. When will they wake up?

Walk the Line

I loved this movie! The acting was great, the music was great, and even the dipiction of Johnny’s life was great. It was a little long, but I definally was not bored with it, as we thought we would be before I left. Both Tom and I had a very good time.

I give this movie 5 out of 5 starts! Oscar worthy!


I’m back from my Thanksgiving festivities, good times that it was. I got to go to one of the houses that I hadn’t been to for 5 years, and it was actually a pretty good time. I came back tonight because I wanted to get some work done, and I wanted to get back to the regular life. Off to read my weblogs and e-mail. I will post later.

Leaving for Thanksgiving

I am getting ready to leave for the Thanksgiving holiday. This year I am spending it with my Mom, so I won’t have internet access like I do at home. I will try and update periodically throughout the weekend, but normal blogging won’t return until I get back.

Everyone have a great Thanksgiving holiday, and I will speak to you all when I return. Thanks!